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Becky and I met while at Durham University volunteering for ‘Nightline’; a listening support service run by students, for students. Back in London and after a year and a half working at a charity running Social Action and Sustainability projects and events, I knew it was the right time for an adventure on the bike that was more challenging than the daily commute.

I have never been to South America, and other than a few day rides, I’ve never really cycled very far either. All this has made it difficult to imagine what this adventure has in store for us. What I do know is that I’m excited about learning more about how other people live, and indulging the passions I developed while studying in Sustainable Development. I imagine the next few months will bring out more questions than answer the ones I already have so it’s hard to know what my next step will be when back in the UK. All the more reason to go.


Sol and I first started imagining a trip like this when we were walking the Thames Path (which we really recommend!) and since then, the initial idea for a year living in South America and a year in the Middle East somehow became a thousands-of-kilometres long cycle ride down the Andes. Although we are (very) amateur cyclists (I am hoping to mitigate this by always cycling in Sol’s slipstream), we love the idea of cycling because of the people we will meet on the way, and a greater appreciation of the distance, the landscape and the lifestyles we will come across.

I first became interested in South America when studying French and Spanish at Durham, and since living for a year in Chile have been waiting to return. After three years working in currency sales in London, it felt like the right time to make the leap. When we get back, I’m hoping to to work with underprivileged children on equality of opportunity, and I don’t doubt South America has a fair amount to teach us if we look in the right places.


10 thoughts on “About Us

  1. hola amigos, los queremos mucho!!! espero podamos vernos muy muy pronto!!! les hacen mucha falta a Bryan….! Dios los acompañe en cualquier parte que se encuentren!!

    • Ah gracias! Ya le echamos de menos a nuestra familia de Maturin, de los juegos de escondito, las arepas (claro jajaja) y la amabilidad que encontramos con ustedes. Sol saca su senuelo de pescadito cada noche para mirarlo jajaja!!

  2. looks like your having fun, keep the pedals going around. How is the power monkey working.
    Sounds a great trip do you miss your sales appiontments ?
    keep safe

    Mark AKA Agent Levy

    • Agent Levy it’s not being used! Can you believe it? After all that.

      Really really missing the sales appointments. I was just thinking that the other day while hauling pig shit onto a compost pile and breaking my back with a pick axe 🙂

  3. Agent Levy! Hola!

    Lovely to hear from you. The pedals are going around…a bit slower than i I´d like really but they´re going. Making the odd adjustment to the bike here and there, trying to get it set perfectly. The power monkey actually hasn´t been needed all that much; we´ve been staying with either the military or camping with families so power when we need it has been on offer. Missing the sales appointments OF COURSE. I was actually talking to Becky about them the other day while cycling along…not sure what that says about me and the time we´re having here.
    Everything is great. The cycling, the people, the views, the food, the music etc etc etc.
    Hope you´re well and are keeping the cycling up too. Do you have the legs of Chris Hoy too is is it just me!? Haha. Love to all the family.


  4. Currently stuck in the back room of a hospital reading a really boring research paper and found myself, as I often do, daydreaming & having a sneaky peak at your blog. I’m heading back up to Durham on Saturday with Daykes for the Nightline 40th birthday reunion shenanigans. Wish your lovely faces would be there! Reading your updates make me smile so much & remind me that there’s a big world out there! Sending you both lots of love xxx

    • Laila!

      We wish we could be at the reunion too..it’s been sad seeing the emails with details knowing we can’t be there. Maybe the next one!

      Lovely lovely to hear from you. Good luck with the research papers, and sneaking peaks at the blog every now and again 🙂


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